"What a great ambassador for beautiful Sri Lanka!  We spent two weeks with Prabath as our driver and guide and he made our trip the best it could be.  We did a figure 8 tour, starting in Colombo, south to Galle, north to Ella, Kandy, Vavuniya, east to Kuchchaveli and then south to Dambulla and the airport. Driving in Sri Lanka is stressful; but Prabath's superb driving skills seemed to turn a chaotic scene into a ballet!  When we weren't driving but walking on the street he took great care to make sure we were safe. He has a great depth of knowledge of the country's history, culture and peoples and it was such a pleasure to listen to his descriptions of the different sights and legends, in excellent English no less.  He knows the good roads from the bad ones and when we took the train at Ella headed towards Nuwara Eliya, (another of his good recommendations plus he organized the tickets) he picked us up in Ambewela knowing that the road in from Nanu Oya is currently a construction nightmare. (I don't think our guide book, (you know the one) knows this!) Unlike some guides that drop you off in the car park he accompanied us on our safari, World's End trek, tour of the Sacred Temple, etc. enhancing our experience.  In places that I hadn't booked ahead he always had good recommendations for accommodation (Tea Bush, Ramboda Falls - view to die for; Peak Residence, etc.).  So courteous; so punctual; so clean including the roomy a/c van.  Nothing was too much trouble, ever.  You might think after two weeks with the same people; even on long travel days that you might get just a little grumpy or annoyed with traffic or something - just once? - but no, never - he's a genuinely positive person with a great smile.  Professional yet personable.  If you've read this far, then stay with me. Dealing with the unexpected:  our luggage was lost and didn't show up for two days.  Prabath's girlfriend generously provided clothes for me to wear until the luggage arrived. Going beyond the call of duty:  My husband wore the wrong shoes for our World's End hike and ended up with blisters.  Prabath insisted on going to the pharmacy for peroxide, gauze and bandages AND did the dressing!  Nice touch:  It was my birthday on the trip and Prabath arranged a surprise birthday cake.  If you like secluded beaches; tea plantations; wildlife and historic sights; visit Sri Lanka.  And if you want to love your trip to Sri Lanka and be stress-free, call Prabath.  It's well worth it!

Debra B - Vancouver, Canada

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My name is Nilanga Prabath Samarajeewa, but my short name is Prabath.  I’m 28 years old and my hometown is Galle. I really love my job and you can easily see that when you speak with me. Being a tour guide allows me to meet so many interesting people from around the world and also I get to see a lot of beautiful places in my country.  In my life, it is my dream to be successful in my business and career, and I know that the only way to do that is by making sure my guests are happy.  I have a lot of knowledge about the history of Sri Lanka and different places in the country. I know all of the roads and my vehicle is very comfortable. I try to always be an honest and true person. Your safety is my top priority. Sri Lanka is an amazing place and there is something for everyone. Since the end of the civil war, we can now safely travel anywhere in the country.  If you want to explore the ancient culture, the beautiful mountains, the amazing beaches, go surfing, see exotic wildlife, we can do anything! I can suggest an itinerary or we can do whatever you like. I am very happy to show people my country and make sure you have a wonderful time in spectacular Sri Lanka!

"While in Sri Lanka for 10 days Prabath was a brilliant host who took us on an incredible tour along the South Coast - in addition to taking us to and from the airport. He is very knowledgable and most of all he was an incredibly cautious driver who took great care of us. I would happily recommend him to anyone looking for a honest and insightful local driver."

Justin P. - London, UK

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I have a Toyota Van and a Toyota KDH 200 both with dual AC, passenger seat belts and airbags. Equipped with fully adjustable cushioned seats, you can always lay down and take a sleep after a long day of exploring!

"I have been living and working in Sri Lanka for a year, and my parents recently came to visit me.  They are a bit older and used to a certain level of comfort and not quite the type to be backpacking across the country. I looked into some tours I found online but I couldn’t be sure any of them were any good, if the guide was friendly, safe, trustworthy etc. I reached out to my boss who has friends that come to visit and have similar tours to what I was looking for.  She recommended Prabath and I called him and discussed the price, expectations, and vehicle, and to determine if his level of English was sufficient.  We immediately started joking around and I felt pretty confident. However, as anyone who has been a tourist knows, it’s so hard to find people that you can trust. I can’t count the amount of times I have heard “honesty is the best policy” from someone who was about to rip me off.  I told him that my number one priority is that my mom is safe and taken care of as South Asia can be a difficult place to travel for women.  When the trip came around, I had time to meet up with them on weekends and we travelled to Nuwara Eliya and Trincomalee. I was really impressed with Prabath, if anything I thought he was too concerned with how everyone was doing and enjoying themselves and needed the odd reminder to relax! I couldn’t have been happier with him and that’s reflected in the fact that my mom had an amazing time.  He’s a really good guy and when he asked me to write something for his website I was more than happy to do it.  Just this last weekend my Dad came to visit and we only had 1 day. I arranged a trip to Kandy with Prabath and he picked us up early, expertly navigated through shortcuts to avoid the awful Colombo traffic (You’ll see). We ended up having a great day, my Dad couldn’t have been happier and he went from Kandy to the airport stretched out in the back of the vehicle.  Long story short, Prabath is a great guy, does what he says, understands everything you say, friendly and knowledgeable. If you choose Prabath, I know you won’t regret it."

Harry G. - Vavuniya, Sri Lanka

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"I just spent two weeks in Sri Lanka with Prabath as our driver and tour guide.  I was an air traffic controller for 35 years.  As such, I’m acutely aware of spatial issues involving distance, speed and safety.  Whether you are flying a plane or driving a car; the issues are similar. Traffic in Sri Lanka is rather chaotic.   Prabath’s amazing driving abilities allowed me to appreciate a professional and safety conscious ‘pilot’.  I highly recommend Prabath as your driver/guide for a stress free experience."

Gareth G. - White Rock, Canada